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Ocoee River, Tennessee

Ocoee River, Tennessee, USA  Whitewater Adventure and More in the Ocoee River Corridor — Thrive Regional  Partnership  Flatwater Paddling the Lower Ocoee  

A whitewater rafting trip on the Ocoee River is one of the most exciting outdoor activities in the area. With over 250,000 rafters visiting the Ocoee River each year, it is America’s most popular whitewater river, with class III-IV rapids. Tubing and kayaking are also available on this river. There are multiple rafting companies to choose from within a 30min drive from the Eagle's Glen Cabin.


Toccoa River, Georgia

Toccoa River, Georgia 30572, USA  Toccoa River Getaway  Blue Ridge: Georgia's Coolest Mountain Town

The Toccoa/Ocoee river begins its journey deep in the Chattahoochee National Forest with headwaters near Suches Georgia. Numerous small trout streams flow together to form the Upper Toccoa. The river flows uninterrupted until it reaches the backwaters of Lake Blue Ridge and the Dam which forms the lake. After the Toccoa waters are released from the Blue Ridge Dam, they flow gently with only occasional small rapids for about twelve miles before reaching McCaysville GA, a split town on the state line between Georgia and Tennessee. The six-mile section of the river above McCaysville is great for tubing, floating, kayaking, and trout fishing. The Iron Bridge across the river in downtown McCaysville marks the state line where it then becomes the Ocoee River. Multiple river companies for this river are located in Blue Ridge and McCaysville, about a 30min drive from the Eagle's Glen Cabin.


Nantahala River, North Carolina

Nantahala River, North Carolina, USA  Nantahala River Rafting & Zip Lines | Nantahala Outdoor Center  Fly Fishing in North Carolina | Our State

The Nantahala is the classic southeastern river for entry-level whitewater. The majority of the run is cold, splashy, class-two water. The river is completely roadside along US 19 and US 74 about an hour west of Asheville, between Bryson City and Andrews, North Carolina. The Nantahla is also known for its world-class fishing. North Carolina Game and Fish named it one of the state's ten best trout streams, and Trout Unlimited listed it as one of the nation's 'Top 100' trout streams. The river is stocked by the state of North Carolina but also has a very good population of native trout. The Nantahala is often the site of championship competitions, including the 2012 National Youth Fly Fishing Championships.


Nantahala Lake, North Carolina

Nantahala Lake, North Carolina, USA  Nantahala Lake Kokanee Salmon | NC Angler Forums  Photo

Nantahala Lake is located high above the Nantahala River Gorge at a 3,000-foot elevation - a pristine and serene lake with just 30 miles of shoreline. Many anglers enjoy fishing in the Nantahala reservoir due to the low number of boaters and the breathtaking scenery. Fish in the lake include Walleye, Crappie, Sunfish, Trout, and Bass. And it's the only lake in the South with a population of freshwater Kokanee Salmon. The seasonal Lakes End Marina in Topton, NC, offers motorized and non-motorized watercraft for rent, as well as sunset-guided boat tours on the lake.